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About Us

Green Light is the Italian brand whose global mission is beauty and well-being

The Green Light Line is the result of over fifty years’ experience and constant growth in the hair care industry.

Dedicated to contemporary hairstylists, Green Light is a project of  international importance that sets out to be a worldwide ambassador of Italian experience and style. Nowadays, the Green Light brand is synonymous with quality and on-going innovation in over one hundred countries.

Green Light supplies the world’s top hairstylists with products, services, structure, equipment of cutting edge technology, innovative communication tools and an organization that is dynamic, efficient and highly professional, one which puts People first and takes care of the Client’s wellness. Green Light considers human resources an element of primary importance;  for this reason it has always invested in its partners, by believing in their potential and motivating their professional advancement.

It is thanks to this wealth of human skills and to the strength of the group, united by the same values and objectives, that  Green Light has been an international success for over half a century and now represents the solution for all those wishing to disseminate the highest expression of beauty, wellness and Italian style.