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The Argan Revolution



The Argan Revolution
No more OIL
Now it’s CREAM

All the qualities of the oil enhanced by highly refined and nutritious cream emulsions for hair and body care.

Argan Oil has now been transformed into a revolutionary CREAM OF ARGAN: the result is Argan Velvet. The Green Light Research and Development Laboratories have exposed 100% Organic Argan Oil and other precious ingredients to a sophisticated process of ultra-refining, reducing their molecular size to 1 micron. Thanks to this exclusive technology a revolutionary leave in Velvety Argan Cream has been formulated enabling a more effective absorption of the substances that treat the hair structure. This provides nourishment and moisture to hair without making it excessively greasy.

Argan Oil is a natural vegetable oil that is particularly rare and precious. This oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the Argania Spinosa plant that is native to the southern area of Morocco. Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are perfect for giving nourishment and luminosity to both hair and skin. Used for thousands of years by Berber women as an elixir of eternal youth, it is also known as “liquid gold”. Pure Oil of Argan is an essential element of a high molecular weight. It is for this reason that the Oil, and consequently its beneficial properties, is only absorbed by the outer layer of the skin surface and hair.

Argan Cream is superior to the oil, because:

  • - The beneficial nutrients penetrate deeper into the hair fiber and are more effective due to their smaller molecular size
  • - It has more precision and control during application
  • - It is perfect for all hair types, also for fine hair
  • - It is easier to use
  • - Offers a wider variety of usages
  • - It is non-greasy and does not leave any residue

The line consists of:

  • - Velvety Hair Cream: a no-rinse velvety cream
  • - Velvety Hair Shampoo: a velvety shampoo
  • - Velvety Hair Mask: a velvety mask to be rinsed off after application
  • - Velvety Body Cream: a velvety body cream

A no-rinse cream that nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes hair without leaving it greasy. It reduces frizz and static electricity. It enhances colour with a natural shine. It is ideal for dry, fragile and finer hair, leaving it soft and smooth. Paraben added free.

Use: distribute over clean, towel dried hair with a light massage. It may also be applied to dry hair to define styling.


A velvety shampoo that cleanses hair delicately leaving it shiny and exceptionally soft. It reinforces hair while protecting it from the damaging effects of UV rays. Added Parabens, DEA, SLES, SLS-free.

Use: Work into the hair with a light massage. Repeat the application if necessary. Rinse thoroughly.


A velvety mask that protects and moisturizes hair deep-down, leaving it marvellously silky, soft and shiny, with plenty of elasticity. It gives strength and beauty to dry, fragile hair. Sulphatefree and colour protective, the Argan Velvet Mask combats the damaging effects of UV rays and protects hair from the heat of styling equipment. Paraben added free.

Use: distribute over clean, towel dried hair with a light massage. Leave the mask on, then rinse thoroughly.


A velvety body cream that confers a pleasing sensation of wellbeing, leaving the skin soft, moisturized and delicately perfumed. It absorbs quickly without leaving the skin oily. Ideal for all skin types. Paraben added free.

Use: apply to clean, dry skin with a gentle massage to facilitate absorption.

Argan Velvet is available in top beauty salons throughout the world.

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